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David Gray has partnered with the National Forest to bring to you an initiative that is near and dear to his heart. David is asking you to help grow the National Forest by helping to plant a sapling. Each sapling you purchase will be planted by the National Forest and will help to create woodland habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come.

The planting season runs from November to March, so any trees purchased from April to November 2019 will be planted between November 2019 and March 2020. Your tree will be about 40-60cm tall – the perfect size for establishing itself in its new home.

Select your trees from a range of different species and we'll calculate the total cost for you. Your choice is from a selection of broadleaf trees native to the area: Oak, Wild Cherry, Silver Birch, Hazel, Rowan or Lime. When you purchase a sapling, you can choose to include David's latest release, Gold In A Brass Age. at 25% off the price of the CD. Just add the CD to your cart, and a 25% discount will be automatically applied.

The National Forest Is A Story of Regeneration.

25 years ago, large swathes of the Midland’s landscape had been left scarred by centuries of coal mining and other heavy industry. But a passionate group of people had a vision: a forest. The first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years, it transformed and literally turned the landscape from black to green. But the story doesn't stop here. This is Our National Forest. It belongs to us all. The benefits must be felt by you and everyone to be truly sustainable, and we all need to help support it.

What Is The National Forest?

The National Forest is a wooded landscape for the nation across 200 square miles of central England. It was planted and nurtured until it grew into what it is today – an area of mixed habitat forest, huge green lungs that have breathed life into a landscape and transformed communities and lives. Farmers have become foresters and children have experienced forest schools. 8.7 million trees have been planted to date and today it is recognised as one of the most ambitious and imaginative regeneration projects in the country.

Where Is The National Forest?

The National Forest is right in the heart of the country, embracing 200 square miles of the Midlands. It spans across parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire and aims to link the two ancient Forests of Charnwood and Needwood. With a history of coal mining and heavy industry, the landscape is now that of rolling farmland, ancient forests and new planted woodlands. Its main towns and villages include Burton upon Trent (famous for its brewing), Coalville and Swadlincote (formerly associated with the clay and coal mining industries) and the historic town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Donate To The National Forest

Please consider adding a donation to your order. Your donations will always be used responsibly, so that the National Forest Company can continue to do the work they do and create a forest that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The National Forest Company was established in April 1995. It is a charity and Non-Profit Institution within the Public Sector, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Let's grow our National Forest together.

Picture of Gold In A Brass Age [CD]

Gold In A Brass Age [CD]

Add to your purchase of a sapling and receive a 25% discount off retail price of the CD!

Availability: In stock
Price: $13.88 (USD)
Picture of Donate To The National Forest

Donate To The National Forest

Price: $1.27 (USD)
Picture of Hazel Sapling

Hazel Sapling

The leaves of the magical hazel tree turn yellow in autumn, covering our landscape in colour before creating a beautiful yellow pathway when they fall. A species perfect for dormice and caterpillars.

Price: $19.02 (USD)
Picture of Lime Sapling

Lime Sapling

With its wonderful red buds, beautiful bark spine, and large heart-shaped green leaves, the lime is perfect for birds and insects. Particularly, it is a favourite of the endangered honey bee.

Price: $19.02 (USD)
Picture of Oak Sapling

Oak Sapling

The wise old oak tree. A symbol of strength and survival, this sacred species provides rich habitats for wildlife, with many enjoying its falling acorns as a food source.

Price: $19.02 (USD)
Picture of Rowan Sapling

Rowan Sapling

A rowan tree can live up to 200 years. Its flowers grow in dense clusters of cream and white, and after pollination, develop into striking red fruits - a rich source of food for wildlife.

Price: $19.02 (USD)
Picture of Silver Birch Sapling

Silver Birch Sapling

The birch trees light open canopy provides the perfect conditions for bluebells, violets, grass and moss to thrive on the Forest floor. You may also find a nesting bird or two inside its trunk.

Price: $19.02 (USD)
Picture of Wild Cherry Sapling

Wild Cherry Sapling

The leaves of a wild cherry tree change colour throughout the year, creating a beautiful year-round display. Beginning with a deep green before fading into orange and a deep crimson in autumn.

Price: $19.02 (USD)