The Best Of David Gray [Vinyl]

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Available October 28, 2016, The Best Of features highlights from Draw The Line, 2011's Foundling, and 2014's Mutineers, alongside classic songs from David's three #1 albums, including the Grammy-nominated White Ladder. The Best Of also features two brand new tracks “Smoke Without Fire” and “Enter Lightly”.

This gatefold double vinyl edition comes with a download code.

Track Listing:

  1. Babylon
  2. You're The World To Me
  3. Sail Away
  4. The One I Love
  5. Alibi
  6. Smoke Without Fire
  7. Flame Turns Blue
  8. Be Mine
  9. This Year's Love
  10. Fugitive
  11. Please Forgive Me
  12. Only The Wine
  13. Snow In Vegas (feat. LeAnn Rimes)
  14. Back In The World
  15. The Other Side
  16. Nemesis
  17. Enter Lightly